For far too many years the television industry in the UK has been under the control of the big broadcasters. Initially the BBC then ITV followed by Channel 4, Channel 5 and, now, SKY. These huge entities wield incredible power over what you are allowed to watch on your TV sets. The advent of streaming platforms such as Roku, Amazon, Disney, Brit Box etc, is offering much more choice and less, pointless, regulation, but the killer for anyone looking to launch and sustain an independent, linear TV channel is the dinosaur that is BARB.

This website and the group of people behind it exists to highlight the abysmal way that TV is regulated, monitored and reported. Although we believe it to be un-intentional, the possibilities for corruption, conflicts of interest and outright fraud are many and real. Only by bringing together a group of affected channels who, like ourselves (Spotlight TV) are fighting for survival can we start the process that may force a new thinking in audience reporting and a fairer distribution of advertising revenue.

We hope you will join us in our campaign to drag these entities, probably kicking and screaming, into the 21st century.

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