Nadine Dorries – Another toothless Tiger

By | 14 July 2022

Despite promises of bringing the TV industry to book, investigating OfCom and moving to scrap the BBC license fee, Ms Dorries has proved to be yet another ineffectual figurehead of a department not willing to address the issues head on. This is the reply we received from her department following a direct complaint regarding the method used to fund independent TV channels. I’m sure ‘Hannah’ is a very nice lady, but she is clearly simply sending out bog standard replies. . . .

2 thoughts on “Nadine Dorries – Another toothless Tiger

  1. alan fricker

    do not remove Spotlight tv from your channels please.

  2. Linda McKenna

    Spotlight TV is a lifeline for many thousands of people, especially Irish people world wide with a love of country music in particular. There is no other station like it and for many elderly people these programmes fill their days. If only the viewing figures were collected more accurately, this would be seen. With so much gloom and doom in the world, stations like this should be encouraged. I beg you to reconsider this decision.


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