Latest BARB Own Goal!

By | 25 July 2022

We are constantly digging into the historical statements issued by BARB on their own website. The thing that becomes instantly clear is that they don’t talk to each other. The PR people, obviously with zero experience of the broadcast industry, make statements that are then contradicted elsewhere on the site. Some pages tell us there are 5300 homes, some say 5150, an increase in the number of BARB homes to 7000+ was, pre pandemic, scheduled for 2023, then it was moved to 2029 and has now moved again to 2024.

Our latest discovery is that BARB have publicly admitted they have an issue with the accuracy of figures for niche channels. They are admitting that they can’t get it right ….. they still demand we pay their high fees though, despite admitting that they can’t/won’t report our fees accurately, which in turn must mean they are disseminating false information about every niche channel. How much longer is OfCom and the Minister for culture going to allow this ‘mafia’ like behaviour by a company that appears, to us, to be incompetent, dysfunctional and very clearly not fit for purpose.

2 thoughts on “Latest BARB Own Goal!

  1. Yvonne Jarman

    It is 2022 would it not be prudent / fair and prove that you agree with an equal playing field and giving smaller companies (WHO ARE NOT TRYING TO DESTROY YOU BY THE WAY) but also offer extra choice to those that do subscribe to your channel / platform anyway

  2. Mike ONeill

    Typical government quango is not fit for purpose, totally out of touch with what is out in the real world. All channels or groups of them should be represented that is what is called REPRESENTATION AND OPENNESS. Can we not have anything in this country which is not contaminated by buerocrassy and restricted practice?


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